Thursday, July 20, 2017

Film Festival & FilmFreeway

Earlier our Film festival used to accept physical DVD of films for screening. We used to face loads of problems in DVD copying, playback, damage in courier etc... Most of the people reading this article might wonder, Why not online then? 

The internet connectivity in our area is not strong. It takes time to download and since all the film makers send their best resolution video we would face a lot of problems downloading it. We also had many test downloads getting failed as well. So even though we had this idea of multiple Film Festival then, this never materialized because of this one reason. Cut to Present, DBG Film Club is re-located to Mumbai and we have access to all sort of technology and that’s what made us announce our most loved film festival to be restarted again. DBG Film Club will partner with FilmFreeway for all the film festival submission until further notice.