Thursday, July 27, 2017

Submission Date & Closing Date

After getting all the necessary permissions in Kargil we opened up our submission on 19 July, 2017. We were not sure how the response to the film festival would be like. DBG Film Club was very clear that, we won’t charge single money in regards to submission fee. DBG Film Club also had a rule in order to ensure that each submission is given the careful consideration it deserves; it instituted a cap of 25 submissions in the feature film category (National & International) and 50 submissions for the remaining category for the 2017 season. However due to the phenomenal response to the Film Festival, Team Kargil iff had to close Film submission almost a week before. July 26, 2017 saw the last Film submission. Kargil IFF received close to 350 Films in total.